It is important to note that more individuals who train the fresh Enneagram is proponents away from contemplative prayer

It is important to note that more individuals who train the fresh Enneagram is proponents away from contemplative prayer

Contemplative Prayer and also the Enneagram

Inside section 10 of your own Sacred Enneagram, “An invite in order to Internal Works,” Heuertz raises your reader to 3 prayers that can be used “because the an in-ramp on the . . . Christian contemplative lifestyle.”36 Put basic are centering prayer: “Praying towards the Impact Center.” Of the relationship to the brand new Enneagram, Heuertz says:

Focus prayer. . . is readily aimed with each particular Enneagram style of, however, more thus, it ong the very best in dealing with the root additions regarding each of the Enneagram’s Cleverness Facilities.37

2nd was St. Ignatius of Loyola’s “The newest Examen: Praying towards Head Heart.”38 History was, “The latest Appealing Prayer: Hoping towards the Instinctual Muscles Center” whoever writer is Mary Mrozowski. Mrozowski are a good Catholic esoteric and you may set contemplative which when you look at the 1983 attended the initial previously “Focus Prayer” refuge test within Lama Base inside the The brand new Mexico.** It had been she exactly who assisted discover the fresh Contemplative Outreach Ltd. She was also maker of the Chrysalis Family which turned “a keen incubator” out of contemplative prayer means, especially centering prayer.39 She try near to and you will encouraged of the late Thomas Keating.

From inside the Phileena Heuertz’ publication Aware Quiet, she teaches you exactly how “incredibly helpful” the brand new Enneagram is for “religious development.”40 She assurances the girl website subscribers you to definitely using the Enneagram was an excellent extremely important part of “increasing understanding.”41 She states:

The Enneagram is a strong financial support towards the contemplative street, to possess because it deconstructs brand new not true mind, it additionally reveals your own true mind.42

“Waking up,” the past chapter, means Phileena’s constant search “to call home in the divine character”43 since the she grabbed going back to a beneficial hermitage during the Lama Foundation.*

In the foreword from Mindful Quiet, Richard Rohr praises how quickly “contemplative exercises is occurring inside our big date.” He then says one “we’re strengthening towards Perennial Traditions.” Rohr refers to exactly what he means of the “Recurrent Society” in the an effective 2015 writeup on his site:

Everything i illustrate come from a variety bronymate coupons of interior and you can exterior authority, taken away from personal expertise and an extended descent of one’s “perennial society” . . . The newest Recurrent Heritage things to repeating themes and you will truths within this all of the of one’s world’s religions.forty-two (emphasis added)

New Recurrent Tradition (or Perennial Knowledge since it is referred to as) ‘s the belief that all various religions in the world is actually interconnected through metaphysics (mysticism). The point that new “father” regarding the current Enneagram course (Rohr) encourages brand new Perennial Lifestyle for the a text published by certainly his foremost disciples-openly invited for the mainstream evangelicalism-really should not be overlooked otherwise ignored because the unimportant; neither if the Enneagram’s compatibility and you will experience of contemplative prayer and you may mysticism.

Religious Frontrunners Generating new Enneagram

Towards expanding interest in the fresh Enneagram in the evangelical chapel, of numerous really-identified Religious frontrunners are arriving in favor of it. One is actually Mark Batterson, the fresh elderly pastor of a huge chapel into the Arizona, DC. while the composer of new York Times most readily useful-promoting guide, The newest System Founder: Hoping Sectors Up to Their Biggest Fantasies and greatest Worries. Lighthouse Trails put out a good booklet within the 2017 called Circle To make and you can “Prayer Sectors” In place of New Straight line regarding Information, and therefore tackles Batterson’s knowledge towards the “system to make,” a practice he promoted driven away from rituals out-of an old esoteric term Honi. Our 2017 booklet says:

[Batterson convinces] individuals who in the event the specific traditions otherwise procedures are executed, after that some thing is altered. In his 2017 publication Whisper: Simple tips to Pay attention to the newest Voice away from God, Batterson goes on with this mystical appeal (i.e., contemplative spirituality). In one point, he brings a training to the Lectio Divina, a habit which involves taking a term otherwise words out of Scripture and you can recurring they slowly, that’s said to facilitate reading God’s voice (in fact, Lectio Divina try a portal routine so you’re able to full-blown eastern-build reflection).forty-five

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