January 1972 [DUPE] As to why You Racers Get rid of because of the Peter Miller pg

January 1972 [DUPE] As to why You Racers Get rid of because of the Peter Miller pg

McKinley Descent pg

42 Photos pg.46 Very first Descent-Skiing Sauvage by the Peter Miller pg.86 Just how to Enjoys a profitable Broken Feet by n) Cold? pg.140 ten Ideal Pit Comes to an end-Cuisine, Take a trip because of the Janet Nelson pg.66 Drive, He Said-Cold temperatures Operating Tips of the Ed Scott pg.68 Campers Ho! of the Morten Lund-Travelling pg.70 Geldhof: America’s Skiing Paradise because of the Lee Fowler pg.75 Confessions out-of a periodic Skier-Skiing therefore the married man by Dan Nesbett pg.120 Information: Learn Acrobatics that have Small Skis pg.79 Ideas on how to End up being The feet for a better Skiing Strategy pg.80 Reduce your NASTAR Disability pg.82 Climb Better, Stride Most readily useful pg.85 Inianhead from the Janet Nelson-Ski City pg.110 Intermont from the Robin More youthful pg.112 Schuss Hill pg.114

erican and you can European Racers pg.forty-two Brand new East Awaits-Haiku, poetry pg.fifty Sapporo Vista-Paint regarding Olympic Site pg.53 Exactly how I shall Safeguards the fresh Olympics by the Billy Kidd pg.57 About “29,000 Mile Skiing Battle” because of the Peter Miller -Racers and you will Coaches pg.58 Olympic Overall performance-Previous Medal Champions pg.61 Brand new Gap One to Never Shuts-You Nordic Party from the Michael Brady pg.62 Sapporo-New Stand-at-home Olympics because of the I. William Berry pg.65 At the 96 So it Rabbit’s Nevertheless Powering-Johannsen of the William Lederer pg.70 NASTAR Pacesetter Satisfy from the John Fry-Handicap pg.84 Recommendations: Getting a slipping Looks pg.75 Ski Together with your Base pg.76 Write A good Chest Action pg.78 Mix-Country Information pg.80 2nd Family-A property and you can Property Invention pg.89

SKI’s Show Prediction Evaluation pg

March 1972 Along the Andes-Cordillera del En ce qui concerne from the Tom Spencer pg.34 Good morning Mother, Hello Father-Race Camp Account by the Bill Bickle pg.forty Hiking Climbing Camps pg.42 Outdoor camping Guide by Ruth Rudner pg.44 Four Nature hikes to make you Thought-Characteristics Trails pg.46 Rushing Camps-Location and value because of the Barbara Wicks pg.forty eight Report away from Sapporo-Abilities, Studies and you will Tales of 1972 Olympics pg.57 Traveler’s Checks because of the Abby Rand-Spring Skiing regarding Rockies, brand https://datingmentor.org/escort/springfield/ new Andes plus the Alps pg.13 Where you can Skiing Later-Spring season and you may June Skiing Guide pg.twenty-six Advice: This new Racer’s Prevent pg.73 Down-Unweight For Best Handle pg.74 Technique for Snowboarding Bumps Tighter Converts pg.75 Wait for the Drifting Feeling/Just how to Ski new Dips pg.76 During the Springtime Skiing because of the Time clock pg.77 Remember Taking walks/ Explore Large Track for Touring pg.78

August 1972 [DUPE] Utah: A mini Help guide to a Maxi Trips Lodge, Take a trip pg.38 Whistler Mountain: Sea Voyage so you can a snowfall-Inside the,Canada,Travelling pg.forty two Big Slope: Immediately following Skiing and you will Befors Taxation-Traveling pg.forty-eight St. Moritz: A pub Med Travel-Travel pg.52 Maine: Cross-Nation Traveling Along the Shore-Travel Centers pg.55 Schuss Hill: A travel-So you can Trips-Take a trip pg.62 Bromley, Vermont:A family GLM Skiing Few days pg.64 Deluxe Was A savings Condominium pg.68 Ski Package Breakdown Traveling pg.85 Ski Devices A lot more-’72-73 Seasons pg.79 East Resort Roundup pg.19 West Resort Roundup pg.twenty six Eu Hotel Roundup Alps pg.35 Skier’s Laptop from the John Fry-Holidays pg.7 Traveler’s Inspections by the Abby Rand-Vacation Way of life pg.several Moments Mirror Purchases Ski pg.14

Sep 1972 [MISSING] The guy Bankrupt brand new Planet’s Vertical Checklist-Sylvain Saudan’s Mt. 40 Fearless Honest-Frank Snyder by Morten Lund pg.52 Most of the Hail Karli-Karl Schranz by Miki Hutter pg.66 An excellent Season to own NASTAR by John Fry pg.84 SKIPP: Means otherwise Monster? 46 Brand new Footwear: An interior/Outer Possibilities-’72-73 pg.54 New Several-Copper Slope and you can Telluride, Colorado because of the Morten Lund pg.fifty Sheer Italian-Absolute Charm Alps,Alpine by the Abby Rand pg.60 Suggestions: A good Somersault Possible Flip More pg.75 Experience the Rollercoaster pg.76 Straight back Straight Function Tips Up pg.76 Connect The Converts to store Moving in Powder pg.77 Flex Hips from inside the Harsh Song pg.78 Step Suggestions to Change pg.78

Oct 1972 [DUPE] Bindings by the John Fry pg.58 Bet You Cannot-Boot Canting of the Janet Nelson pg.forty-five SKIPP Test Records pg.68 1 day On Events Fashion from the Pat Doran pg.76 There is a good Jack Armstrong-NASTAR Winner by Don Dooley pg.52 Skiing therefore the Environment-Forest Provider and “Numerous Have fun with” from the Morten Lund pg.62 Give yourself a SnowJob-Employment at the Ski Elements pg.82 Underemployed on Hills-Skiing Bums because of the Patti Rosenfeld pg.83 Resurgence away from Line-Ropetows because of the Richard Needham pg.136 Commemoration regarding Anything Better-Canadian Rockies Vacation by Abby Rand pg.64 Arlberg: A charter Trip Feel-Alps by the Abby Rand pg.78 Towns To visit-Ski Section because of the Abby Rand pg.118 The newest Godmother-Nurseries by the Janet Nelson pg.153 An excellent Reconstructed You-Teaching by Janet Nelson pg.72 Guidance-Down hill and you may Travel pg.122

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