Natural, nice, and you may autumnal, Eevi are a dazzling Finnish unisex name

Natural, nice, and you may autumnal, Eevi are a dazzling Finnish unisex name

Listed below are some of the very most beautiful choice we realize out-of, and are also certain to help you find the best Finnish lady title for the lovable new baby girl!

one hundred Stunning Finnish Woman Labels

Read on to find the finest Finnish title to suit your brand new nothing warrior, plus all the definitions, origins, how to get laid using tinder and you may fun products so you’re able to create that-essential alternatives…

Aada was a fairly and you may flaccid Finnish female term. “A-” labels are always well-known, consider choose one that is about three-residence full of that page? Aada comes from names eg Adele otherwise Adelaide, being grounded on a Germanic stem definition “noble.”

  • Meaning: Commendable
  • Pronunciation: AH-dah
  • Variations: Adele, Ada

Aamu was a wonderful Finnish word name for a unique and you will breathtaking litttle lady. Definition “day,” Aamu represents a unique part full of vow, adventure, and you will possibility – a great way to simply take the sweetness away from a separate nothing woman.

  • Meaning: Day

Aino is a very popular Finnish woman term inside the Finland from the once, so we are able to see as to the reasons! Its easy spelling and you can short but sweet enunciation allow available and you can pleasant, each other once the Aino and its variation Aina. Inside Finnish myths, Aino are the name regarding an attractive but heartbreaking heroine from this new Kalevala unbelievable, whom chose to drown herself unlike marry up against this lady usually. Aino retains this is away from “alone,” supplying the name good heartfelt, special feel in order to it. Really the only irony would be the fact, due to the name’s dominance not too long ago, your own ded Aino in her own university!

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: The only one
  • Pronunciation: IE-no

When you look at the Finnish myths, Akka ‘s the goddess away from virility, hitched so you can Ukko, brand new jesus of thunder. A beneficial personification out of character and you may new life, Akka holds a lovely sentiment so you can bestow abreast of a tiny woman. It should even be noted, however, you to definitely “akka” means off Finnish to imply “dated girl” or “hag,” the exact opposite of one’s gorgeous infant girl, but don’t let that concern you!

A name common worldwide, Ana is used because the a very popular version to the widely-treasured Anna. In Finnish, Ana elizabeth with the sweet, stretched differences for example Anneli, Anella, or Anita, which basically gorgeous.


Anneli is a lovely Finnish identity derived from the popular Ann base, definition “elegance.” Anneli are a fairly, smooth, and you can perfectly feminine sort of title, well elizabeth appearances. If you want names for example Annabelle otherwise Amelia, it label was a sensational, let-alone book, alternative.

Auri is actually a pretty and you can magical-category of term having a tiny little princess. It’s an effective rarer-heard variation towards the term Disposition, which is taken from Greek origin, meaning “breeze.” Which airy meaning offers the term every gentleness of good whisper, given that nice “-i” conclude adds a type of stylish, popular concept to your short name.


Aurinko is an exceptional label getting a baby, definition “sun” inside the Finnish. Good unisex title, Aurinko shines warmly more those who tune in to they that’s a good higher selection if you are looking having a slightly lengthened term one to nevertheless tunes perfectly sweet to your language.

Due to the fact a beneficial girl’s title, Eevi makes for a cute adaptation towards label Eve. Having a child, Eevi would work since a version for the Edvin. With the concept of “existence,” Eevi feels new and you may prosperous, laden up with opportunity and magic.

Elea is actually a well-known lady label through the Scandinavia, with instance a shining definition, we could realise why. A brief style of Eleanor holds new brilliant meaning of “brilliant, radiant light,” casting an enjoying sparkle abreast of its holder. Alternative types to consider is Ela or Ele.

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